CABB offers a variety of courses that cover topics for the beginner broker as well as more sophisticated transactions of the M&A Intermediary. These courses have been created specifically for CABB by subject matter experts and leading industry professionals. 

CABB 101 - Introduction to California Business Brokerage

This 2-day, 15-hour course covers all aspects of business brokerage in California. The history, business brokerage standards, code of ethics, and professional designation and licensing are all covered. Learn More

CABB 201 -  Advanced Recasting and Valuations

Review of accounting Basics: double entry accounting and financial reports. It will also discuss income statements, balance sheets and statement of changes in financial position (cash flows). Terms covered will be assets, liabilities, equity, accounts receivable, accounts payable, revenues, expenses, Review of CABB 101. Learn More

IBBA 210 - Analyzing and Recasting Financial Statements

Have you ever faced an income statement that shows little or no profits, yet the company is profitable? This two-day course focuses on recasting financial statements to maximize company earnings while minimizing your liability. Learn how to find and support increased earnings in a client's business. Learn More

IBBA 220 - Introduction to Pricing Small Businesses

Learn to apply market data to determine the most probable selling price of a small or midsize business (sale prices less than $1 million) and how to report this as a "Broker's Opinion of Value." Study case problems, use information from different databases and apply this knowledge in class. This course helps you prepare a better listing and communicate more effectively about pricing and value. Learn More

IBBA 301 - Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions Process

Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions is geared toward individuals who are considering developing a professional practice as an M&A advisor. Such individuals may be general business brokers who want to understand the differences in activity and skills required in the middle market. Learn More

CABB 501 - CBB Renewal

This course is a review of the techniques that make business brokers successful but it goes way beyond that. By walking all attendees through "the CABB Way" on how to use the most up to date forms and concepts, it reinforces the idea that CBB's are the true professionals in our field. Learn More

Refund Policy: All education fees are non-refundable and must be used within 12 months of the date the payment was received. Any cancellation or no show less than 14 days prior to the course will be assessed an administrative fee of $35 to re-schedule the course at a later date. For a more details on our refund policy CLICK HERE.